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It could happen to anyone- severe hair loss - It was a new beginning to the discovery of a natural hair loss solution which turned out from an early embarassment to a great success story.

It was way back in 1984 when this emotionally distressing hair loss condition affected Ms. Neeta.

Hair loss afflicts millions all over the world yet most people resign to accept this fate.

Ms. Neeta almost did the same when all available avenues failed. But not to be let down, she found herself leading and  discovering an effective, herbal hair loss cure from the special mixtures of ayurvedic herbs and essential oils.

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Hair Loss Treatments in Singapore

Hair loss in Singapore has always been an aesthetic challenge even for perfectly healthy individuals.

Men and women of any age can experience loss of hair at some point, due to stress,  hereditary, hormonal changes, post-pregnancy or due to scalp disorders. This could be devastating to anyone’s confidence. Worst of all, it makes anyone feel frustratingly helpless about it.

When not treated early, thinning of hair, alopecia or alopecia areata could lead to baldness.

But worry not! You are among the many in search of a tried and sure way of remedying your hair problems & finding the best hair growth treatments Singapore has to offer.

You are close to finding the best hair restoration treatments and the best hair replacement products in Singapore, that are not only, safe and natural but has time tested results.

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